Tweeter Dash Speaker Adapter Plates (2x) for Toyota Lexus Subaru

Pair of Adapter Plates for Dash Speaker


Sale is for the two adapter plates only. Does not include speakers.

These are 3D printed in house. The speaker hole is about 1-15/16″, or 49mm. Fits many 1″ dome tweeters.

Excellent fit with BZRK Audio SQ-T100 which is what this is designed for.

Also fits BZRK Audio RS-T150, but not as snugly. We don’t recommend putting the RS-T150 inside the dash anyway- it’s not crisp enough for this placement.

Also available on eBay.

It is a drop-in solution for the following vehicles:

2008-2015 For Toyota Highlander
2005-2015 For Toyota Tacoma
2007-2014 For Toyota FJ Cruiser
2007-2015 For Toyota Tundra
2003-2015 For Toyota 4Runner
2014-2016 For Subaru Forester
2010-2016 For Subaru Legacy
2013-2015 For Subaru XV Crosstrek
2012-2016 For Subaru Impreza
2010-2016 For Subaru Outback
2005-2015 For Toyota Avalon
2010-2015 For Toyota Prius
2010-2018 For Toyota Prius V
2004-2009 For Toyota Solara
2002-2011 For Toyota Camry
1998-2015 For Toyota Sienna
2009-2015 For Toyota Venza
2007-2012 For Lexus ES
2001-2014 For Lexus IS
2006-2014 For Lexus GS
2004-2014 For Lexus RX



BZRK Audio MCX-160 6.5″ Car Coaxial Speaker

SQ coaxials for the audiophile on a budget.

Point coaxial speaker with mica-paper cones.

Time alignment by design.

Fairly flat frequency response.

Holup, my geek-to-english translator needs a fresh pair of batteries.

These speakers are an easy way to get clean and clear mids and highs in your ride. They are well behaved all-rounders, but they really shine in the mids and highs.

If you are trying to get lots of bass, these are not the droids drivers you are looking for. These are best paired with a subwoofer.

The bass they do produce is very clean and tight.

Each speaker handles 60 watts RMS and 160 watts max power

Frequency response is +/-6db from 70hz to about 9k, with a +5 db peak at about 12k. most people will have these in car doors, pointing at their shins, so the extra treble could be beneficial.


4 ohms impedance

60 watts RMS each

160 watts max


Sensitivity 90db

1.3″ BASV Voice coil

PEI Dome Tweeter

Our price: $69.99 $59.99

We ship to USA and Puerto Rico