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I bought these to replace the factory tweeters in the doors of my Mini Cooper S. The driver’s side tweeter was blown and I needed to replace it. These tweeters have now blown me away with the improvement in the high end of my factory sound system. Suddenly, there are sounds in the music that simply were not there with the factory tweeters. The sparkle and sizzle from the cymbals and other high frequency sounds is just remarkable for such an affordable set of tweeters. Best of all, it isn’t a harsh sound, but really full and resonant. This is a really notable achievement in such a low cost set of one-inch tweeters. I guess that silk dome technology is better than I thought!      -Amazon Customer

Fitted these to a new Dodge Ram 2018 1500. The standard sound system by Infinity is pretty awful, so is the Alpine upgrade . leased the vehicle on a great deal for two years . So was prepared to accept the poor sound system despite being an audiophile with a lifetime in sound work. These tweeters sound clean and clear and deliver a nice balance of crispness and clarity without being harsh.       – Phdinnis

If you are just replacing the cheep factory tweets that are in your car now you will be pleased with these. They are smooth, not overly bright. At this price point they are hard to beat.             –  gwtice

Best inexpensive tweeters on the market. Sound is very clear and clean. No too bright, or too harsh. Paired together with my 7 band EQ I can dial in the highs perfectly for whatever type of music I’m listening to at the time. If you’re on the fence about purchasing these tweeters. Just get em! You won’t be disappointed.     –  Sharon A

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