BZRK Audio MCX-160 6.5″ Car Coaxial Speaker

SQ coaxials for the audiophile on a budget.

Point coaxial speaker with mica-paper cones.

Time alignment by design.

Fairly flat frequency response.

Holup, my geek-to-english translator needs a fresh pair of batteries.

These speakers are an easy way to get clean and clear mids and highs in your ride. They are well behaved all-rounders, but they really shine in the mids and highs.

If you are trying to get lots of bass, these are not the droids drivers you are looking for. These are best paired with a subwoofer.

The bass they do produce is very clean and tight.

Each speaker handles 60 watts RMS and 160 watts max power

Frequency response is +/-6db from 70hz to about 9k, with a +5 db peak at about 12k. most people will have these in car doors, pointing at their shins, so the extra treble could be beneficial.


4 ohms impedance

60 watts RMS each

160 watts max


Sensitivity 90db

1.3″ BASV Voice coil

PEI Dome Tweeter

Our price: $69.99

We ship to USA and Puerto Rico


Who the heck is BZRK Audio anyway? A plucky company from Phoenix, Arizona, founded in 2017.

We love two things: audio equipment and bargain hunting. Our mission is to bring you the best sound at the best price.

We also have a soft spot for wildlife and waterfowl. You might say we’re bird-crazy, or maybe we’re just the regular kind of crazy. ¿Por qué no los dos?

We provide realistic product specifications, and we stand behind our products with industry-leading customer support and a one year warranty on our speakers. Plus, we’re the only car audio brand with space flamingos.