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I added these to my stock 2014 Accord LX (four speaker system). It has really brought the system alive. The 6.5 speakers in the door are decent for mid-range (poly cone and foam surround – like Kicker speakers), but need the tweeter part of the equation. Needless to say, the sound quality has significantly improved. These BZRK silk dome tweeters are very smooth (I prefer that type of tweeter) and handle the power easily. I’m not sure I could have done any better without spending a boat load of cash to upgrade thwo whole system. They fit well into the EX-L tweeter sail panels (bought via Honda Parts Unlimited). They look stock (except for small BZRK logo). Very, very happy!            –  akadakel


“good tweeters”        –  ricolara1990


If you are just replacing the cheep factory tweets that are in your car now you will be pleased with these. They are smooth, not overly bright. At this price point they are hard to beat.             –  gwtice




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