BZRK Audio’s entry into the world of component speakers begins NOW with the kind of bang for your buck you’ve come to expect from us. ODR-65 is a 2-way component speaker system that sounds great and won’t break the bank.

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Get Low

Our 6.5″ poly/mica midwoofer provides good midbass and clean, clear mids. The Deep “M” cone profile provides extended off-axis response and outstanding rigidity. This results in greater placement flexibility and clear sound, even at high volumes. The woofer gets down to 50hz, but really shines in the 100-200hz range, where you’ll find bass guitars and kick drum punch.

The Legend

The ODR-65 component system features an improved version of our very popular SQ-T100 soft dome tweeter. There isn’t much more to say that hasn’t already been said in forums and online reviews, but if you want to hear it from the source- expect smooth, clean highs that don’t disappoint. These tweeters have the same extremely flexible mounting options as the SQ-T100, too! Flush mount, surface mount, and tilting, too!

The Brain

Inside the ODR-65 crossover, you’ll find a little flexibility- allowing you to fine tune the highs. The crossover has a +2/-2db switch to easily cut or raise the treble just a tiny bit. The low pass can be bypassed in case you need to run full range sound, though the -6db setting is recommended for a majority of applications.


The ODR-65 component speaker system is a very flexible package- it sounds great with stock stereos, but really shines when powered by an amplifier. The system produces 60hz-23khz, and is rated for 60 watts RMS, 120 watts max. Efficiency is 90db.

Get them now on Amazon , eBay , and DerpyDeals.com




BZRK Audio SQ T-100 high quality car audio tweeter. The soft dome provides extended frequency response that enhances detail and adds clarity to upper midrange and treble. Brings new detail to horns, pianos, snares, vocals, strings. Having the ability to flush mount or surface mount means that it can be installed in a wide range of vehicles. The tweeters can be pivoted, giving you a wide range of optimal placement options. Available for sale on eBay , Amazon , and DerpyDeals.com.


4 ohms impedance
50 watts RMS
100 watts peak
Frequency range: 1.5khz-20khz
Neodymium rare earth magnet

Mounting width 1-15/16″ (about 2 inches)
Mounting depth 13/16″ (about 1 inch)